Happy person with double bass. Improviser. Maker-upper of musical stories. Researcher. Educator. 

  1. Happy person with double bass - I love music because it made my life a lot of fun and it allowed me to express myself and see the world…and maybe even understand life a little bit. I play the biggest, most awkward and best instrument of all: the double bass. I have had an amazing mentor in the legendary English bassist Danny Thompson. Danny taught me that music comes from the heart. He is right, of course! I have made several albums and I have the unbelievably good fortune to play with some of the best musicians I have ever heard. I tour often enough in some project or other, so hopefully we shall meet.
  2. Improviser - I improvise music because it is the truest form of musical self-expression. Whether I play jazz or other music, and whether or not it’s specifically improvised music…I do like to improvise (if allowed).
  3. Maker-upper of musical stories - I don’t like to call myself a composer or songwriter…I make up little stories with music and a little bitty words…these little scenes are the trampoline to improvisation and performance in the moment and they have taken me all over the world, allowing to meet a lot of people and have a lot of fun.
  4. Researcher - I am currently researching creative methods of making improvisation more accessible and fun for all ages! Improvising music is an unbelievably powerful (and joyful) way of building communities based on reciprocal listening and respect…which is the way we all wish for our communities to be.
  5. Educator - I run workshops and talk to kids and adults about “making music for the purpose of JOY”: having fun with music in the moment, as a hugely important way to be happy, express who you are and interact with others.

But most of all, I am a “human bean”, like you. I’m a husband and a dad, a son and a friend…and I’m delighted to be all of it.