As a double bass player, I love session work! 
I have worked in every conceivable genre, apart from classical music. And you know what, I enjoy all of it! Jazz, Blues, Folk, world, country, Americana, singer/songwriter, electronic stuff, other stuff I’d struggle to name...I’m happy just playing music.

I especially enjoy live work and touring, but these days I require a good amount of notice for tours.

As for studio, yes of course, drop me a line for my very competitive rates. Travel expenses may be required only if the studio is not within easy reach for me.

At home, I am set up to record a double bass line to most any track you send me. We can discuss your project if you send me a message using the “contact” page.

For some tiny little projects I can record at home whenever I have time. I realise that most people running tiny projects also have tiny budgets, I have very often been in the same position myself. Nevertheless, if I really like the project, and I have time, I’d still love to help. All I ask is that you pay me what you can afford via the “donate” button below. I feel this is essential as an artist, because I believe that the expectation that people work for free has pretty much ruined the business and contributes to shatter the self-worth of many a good musician. You wouldn’t ask your plumber to work for free...