"A charming genius! One of my all time favourite performers." ”

— Martin Stephenson- legendary UK songwriter

Roberto Cassani

Press Quotes

“This song and melody were born in Roberto's heart. It is a powerful song of love which we feel within his fine playing. A very moving performance and I love it." (Danny Thompson - double bass titan and music legend).

"A charming genius! One of my all time favourite performers." (Martin Stephenson - One of Britains best songwriters). 

“An extraordinary talent! A fantastic sense of humour, a great, great player and a great performer”. (Frank Hennessy - BBC Wales).  

“Double bassist and arch humorist Roberto Cassani, aside from being spectacularly funny on stage and a fine musician, here delivers a honest ode to life and love. Bravely personal and at times quite affecting” (Paul Kerr - Blabber n Smoke).

“If he wasn’t amongst us already, somebody would have to invent Roberto Cassani, he’s such a blast of fresh air in a tired, self-regarding world.” (John Davy - Music News).  

“An album that lifts the spirits and makes the world seem a better place” (Bluesbunny Music Reviews about “Oh!...L’amore!”).

“A true emerging star with side-splitting humour and clever lyrics which will see him firmly in place as a national icon” (Alan Wilson - The Courier).  

“Wry humour, life affirming lyrics – and all in a second language! Italian born musician and songwriter, Roberto Cassani’s humorous songs are pitch perfect in their razor-sharp observations of daily life” (BBC Radio Scotland's Comedy Cafe). 

"Roberto is like the best street musician...Something of the clown, the seriousness covered over with humour..."  
"The last wandering troubadour, enlivening all of our lives a little for a few songs".  
"He's genuinely an enigma, I've never heard anyone else like him. I don't even know who or how to compare him. It's best just to give in. He'll get you in the end. Songs are about capturing the stories of the common people to retell down the ages. Well that's what we've got here. It's true to life, funny and says something different about Britain today!"  
- Mark Coyle - 

"Scotland's favourite Italian! Absolutely wonderful and delightfully entertaining. Cassani Rocks!!" (Rob Ellen - Medicine Music).


Roberto Cassani is a truly original, lovely, funny, honest and mischievous “human bean”. The rarest of breed: a genuine person who believes in the power of music, a laugh and being in this together. His social conscience and the urge to “do-his-own-thing” simply have never allowed Roberto to follow trends, jump on bandwagons or doing what he was told. Life and music are a long “apprenticeship”, he keeps saying...and it’s clear he has no idea when this apprenticeship may finish...nor he wants it to end. 

Roberto was born in Milano, Italia, and was signed to a record label very young, his mentor at the time being Italian jazz legend double bass player Giovanni Tommaso. Roberto’s sense of rebellion and mischief were too keen at the time for him to stay put, so he run away, eventually settling in the U.K. whilst speaking no English. Having fallen in love with his soulmate Lara and learnt the few basic naughty words required, Roberto started performing again from the very bottom: singalong sessions in folk clubs led to pub gigs, which led to music venues, big festivals, theatres,  private and then national radio and international dates in Europe, US and Canada. The years have passed and the wonderful experiences are too many to count, and frankly remember.  

Following 10 years of touring and recording either as a “comedy” singer or session double bass player, in 2018 Roberto had the life-changing chance of being mentored directly by his musical idol, double bass and music legend Danny Thompson. Danny had exactly the knowledge, experience, humour and personality to “kick Roberto’s back-side” into truly being himself in music and make sure that every note played and every piece written should come straight from the heart, and clearly reflect Roberto’s unique personality, incorrigibly full of humour and zest for life.

Following Danny’s mentorship, Roberto has been gigging and putting out music at a dizzying rate and he’s not intending to slow production down 

The “apprenticeship” continues... I hope you can be part of it. 

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