Tickety Best of Released 20th August ‘19

Sometimes, you just need to hear something silly! Rock-a-silly, Swing-a-silly, silly billy, whatever... Roberto Cassani and the Tickety2 (Dave Clelland on drums and Owen Nicholson on guitar) had the job done in 2 short years 2014 and 2015.

Many festivals, gigs, radio, and 2 albums were done at lightning speed in those 2 short years, but despite the physical copies of the albums being available on this site (before they sell out), and a few videos having appeared on YouTube, no trace of Tickety was left for the streaming world....until now! 

The best of Roberto Cassani & the Tickety2 2014-2015 is out Tuesday 20th august 2019 on every streaming platform and of course to download on this site. Put it in your music collection because soon, probably very soon, you’re gonna need it! Remember to be silly! Ciao.

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