Out with the old...

It’s the end of a decade, which means very little, as life will go on, unless you are a 2019 calendar. Going forward, I shall continue to spread my creativity into many little plant pots: my own “story-swinging”, writing, playing jazz, session work, working with schools and communities, etc... But please let me remember this decade with a little video of the kind of gig that has given me the most joy in this dwindling period... Here is an example of my musical brother Owen Nicholson and myself, having a laugh with a small room full of lovely people at Falkirk Folk Club. To me, this is what gigs are all about. We hadn’t prepared this song. We hadn’t rehearsed the parts of any song. We practice our instruments, so we ARE prepared to have just as much fun on the gig as the audience has, because for the most part, what comes out of our fingers (and sometimes my mouth) is new to us too! Of course this is absolutely not the way music is going nowadays. I for one don’t give a fungus about the way it’s going. The new year for Owen and I shall start with the release of a live album from this Falkirk Folk Club gig, just to keep the nonsense alive (with huge thanks to Charlie Tibbles for recording and videoing the gig purely out of the goodness of his own heart: a TRUE gem of a person!).. HAPPY NEW DECADE!

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