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I hope everyone is safe, well, and on board with the fact that since we are all as important as one another, we must all try to keep each other healthy. 
As a musician, obviously I am respectful of the public health need to cancel all gigs for the foreseeable future and of course I have lost lots and lots and lots of pre-arranged work of all sorts.


I am keeping very busy composing and I have some excellent things coming up.

meanwhile, here is a little commission I did for the lovely people at Visible Fictions: a 1 minute composition and video about coming out of this together...entirely done on my phone, as per brief...featuring the debut of the unspeakably wonderful Ruby Cassani, aged 7, cutest person in the world!

On a podcast with the legends 

Oh what a honour! Today I’m on this “compilation” podcast talking about the double bass with legends such as Ron Carter, Christian McBride, Carlos Henriquez, Larry Grenadier, Chuck Israel, Marlene Rosenberg, Adam Booker, Alexis Cuadrado, Bernard O’Neill, Ben Robertson, Charley Sabatino, Selene Saint-Aime. This podcasts are really the “voice of the double bass community” thanks to Jason Heath and his Contrabass Conversations. I may be easily pleased, but hearing a few seconds of my deranged little accent amongst the voices of these legends is quite a buzz...made me giggle with glee. Thanks very much Jason Heath, you are a gentleman. 
Please do subscribe to these podcasts if you love the double bass!