Here you can find lyrics sheets and chord charts that were used to record songs for the first time... Most of the time in the past, I didn't have lyrics or chords written down, so in that case you won't find it, sorry... Lyrics/chord sheets have only started to appear since my memory is going bad... If you make up your own chord/lyric sheet, please feel free to send me it and I will stick it on this page with many thanks. Ciao. Roberto

The Moon (La Luna) From Oh!...L'amore! (2019) 64.5 KB
Milano, estate 1998 From Oh!...L'Amore! (2019) 14.4 KB
Goodbye to mamma From Oh!...L'Amore! (2019) 13.9 KB
Kyer (70 Maybank) From Oh!...L'Amore! (2019) 14.3 KB
And I'm in love From Oh!...L'Amore! (2019) 15.4 KB
I found my eyebrows on my pillow From Oh...L'amore! (2019) 14.6 KB
Lullaby for Ruby From Oh!...L'Amore! (2019) 14.5 KB
Ale' Marino From Oh!...L'Amore! (2019) 15.9 KB
Oh!...L'amore! From Oh!...L'amore! (2019) 14.8 KB
I love the whole shebang From Badabadoom (2016) 92.9 KB
A cup of tea and a Tunnock's Teacake From "Badabadoom" (2016) 87.3 KB
Step outside the clock From Badabadoom (2016) 26 KB
Protest Singer From Protest Panda (2017) 84.4 KB
Mcdonald's burgers 99p, 4 apples are £2.50 From "Protest Panda" (2017) 93 KB