The pup’s first steps....

The new songs have taken their first steps out in the big bad world this week with a lovely preview at Perth Theatre (my new favourite venue!...Stunning! Great sound! Lovely staff!)...Anyhoo, the gig was played in my preferred format: just me (Double bass and story-singing) and Owen Nicholson (classical guitar). It went better than I could have ever expected. It’s a lovely story (me thinks), it’s very personal (for sure)...It’s got a bit of wicked humour and some pure pathos to make grown-ups greet... Maestro Danny Thompson watched the footage and gave the big thumbs up... full steam ahead now! More news soon!

special thanks to Nicky Murray, Chloe Rogers and Chloe Bryce for playing support on the night: check out Nicky’s stunning EP Wintermore here 

and super-special thanks to my friend Fiona J Mackenzie (from Kilmarnock Edition days), for coming to see us all the way from the Island of Canna, singing our song beautifully (no rehearsal! Proper pro!) and also taking this nice photie! 

PS extra super special thanks to the audience who escaped the grip of their sofas and unbelievably filled the room on a Monday night. That was unexpected and I’m very chuffed indeed, I owe you all.

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