Wotciao!...(Which is the way Danny Thompson and I say hello, taking inspiration from his typical geiser “Wotcher” greeting). Indeed one year has past since Creative Scotland kindly sponsored me the opportunity to work with my bass idol Danny. I was hoping to find my voice as a double bass player, especially when singing at the same time. I found that...and unexpectedly I also found in a Danny a lasting friend, so there. I’m chuffed.

So what’s next...

The material I have written is ready to record now. I will do that at the end of the winter and hopefully have it out a short while later...Meanwhile, I’ve got some awesome gigs to attend to, as well as the odd studio and live session as a double bassist for hire.

Next week, I’m off to Montreal, in winter, brrrrrr... I’m going to be playing on the UK stage for British Underground on a Wednesday and Thursday night. Then my official International Folk Alliance showcase comes on the Friday evening. It’s gonna be fun. Even more fun is that all the Cassani contingent is on the gig (wife Lara and daughter Ruby, 6 years old). I normally do not like the cold, but my girls warm my heart, so I’m ticketyboo!

After we are back from Montreal, I’ve got March into Pitlochry, a lovely homegrown festival with a great lineup. I’m performing and also being the mad master of ceremonies on the afternoon acoustic stage Saturday 23rd March.

I’ve had a busy time of it, so I have not booked much after that as I’m planning to get the album done, but work is coming through on its own so you’ll sure see me not too far from you.

ciao ciao for now. Be happy, try at least.



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