Danny Thompson and I...(part 2)

Well, it's impossible to quantify just how much I'm learning from working with Danny..A LOT!!... but as it often is with great experiences, I'm learning unexpected stuff... When you set out to work with (in my opinion) the best double bass player ever, one would be forgiven for brushing up on every scale and arpeggio known to man, for the sheer fear of just not being good enough... Songwriting-wise I started putting all the clever words I knew into each of the songs...

And then Danny made me understand I didn't really need any of that stuff... What counts is playing, singing and writing from the heart... how simple is that?!... How absolutely true!!... and yet something I had very rarely done.... Melody!... Emotion!... Simplicity!... Honesty!... and all of that even in improvisation. Life changing stuff, folks!

Anyhoo... the songs are now almost finished and I'm cuddling into my bass at each practice session to make them sound true, like they were written to be... still a bit daft, but I can't help that, that's me.... (the whole family really)...

Ok, I'm off to play at the Belladrum Festival now, bit of a drive.

Do please remember to come see me and Owen at Perth Theatre next month. Tickets here...https://www.horsecross.co.uk/whats-on/roberto-cassani-and-owen-nicholson-10402

PS - The photo is a publicity shot of Danny with John Martyn for the album Live In Leeds (which I adore). Danny sent me it: it's a fantastic photie isn't it... there is a great story attached to it, but it's not mine to tell....

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