Danny Thompson and I.... (part 1)

Never meet your heroes they say... well, I completely disagree...

Danny Thompson, double bass legend, has been my musical hero for a long time. Thanks to some support from Creative Scotland, this year we are working together! And let me tell you, I am jubilant in having found that Danny is not only the legendarily sublime musician I knew he would be, but also one of the best people I know... Bizarrely, I knew that too: although I had never met Danny before this project, every note he has ever played tells you that he is a fantastic person: full of life, wise, funny, kind, with an amazing heart. 

So what are we doing? Danny is helping me coming up with a body of work which musically has the double bass at its centre, whilst thematically tells the story of my immigration from Italy to Scotland.... I’ve been through a few adventures for sure, all in the name of love.... The story may interest someone, be a nice document of integration, be a teeny wee bit inspiring even, and at least be a bit more dynamic that a biography book for my family to remind me by when I go doolally... 

Danny’s encyclopaedic knowledge is the North Star that keeps me on the straight and narrow during the songwriting. What has come out already, only a few weeks in the process, is the best work I’ve ever done. We have some great ideas and I am currently working like a bumblebee on it, which is why I’m not too busy out on the road. Still, if you are in Scotland, please come along to Perth Theatre 24th september for a catch up. I’ll be accompanied by my stupendous buddy Owen Nicholson and we’ll play some of the new stuff alongside some oldies. Tickets link is here . Ciao. Roberto


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