About Roberto...

I play double bass and occasionally I sing stories. I was born in Milan, where my parents commuted for work, from the charming town of Rivolta d'Adda. I love Italy, of course, but I especially adore my town. 

I do not remember choosing to become a songwriter, however from a tender age it turned into a suitably unreliable source of musical income, therefore I have kept at it. I was also very poorly equipped with the common sense required for a manual job, and I got bored easily in an office.

I have had 2 musical mentors: In Italy, as an 18 year old boy, I was signed to a big record label and mentored by great jazz double bassist Giovanni Tommaso. Many years later, in the UK, I was mentored by my friend and world music legend Danny Thompson.

I moved from my beloved Rivolta d'Adda to Scotland with my wonderful wife Lara, who is very Scottish indeed. We love semi-rural Scotland and have a magically delightful daughter: Ruby.

Music in Scotland has been a little less straightforward...no major label here: I started in pubs and slowly progressed to selling out small music venues and theatres, feature in big Festivals (Fringe, Celtic Connections, Belladrum, Wickerman, Loopallu, Folk Alliance, Southern Fried and many, many more) and tour the UK, Europe and North America several times over. Thousands of gigs and millions of laughs. I have played to every conceivable size of audience, in settings ranging from embarrassingly glamorous to dangerously unsuitable for humans. I loved most of it.

Giggles appearEd to feature heavily whenever I started to sing in English... Yes, I was always inspired by Milan idol Enzo Jannacci, whose great songs could certainly be funny, but in Scotland I was assisted by the fact that audiences found my accent amusing anyway, so I adapted and made a tiny business out of it. You may peruse this material in my albums with "Roberto Cassani & the Tickety2" (both albums currently sold out and out of print), which I revisited in the recent live albums in duo with Owen Nicholson from Falkirk Folk Club (2020) and with my jazzy quartet from Perth Theatre (2020).

Humour of course features in other albums too, in amongst more serious thoughts in Badabadoom (2016), produced by Martin Stephenson and "Oh!...L'amore!" (2019) recorded by Andrea Gobbi.
Across my solo years, I had a very rewarding 2 year spell as double bass player and songwriter with Scottish folk “supergroup” Kilmarnock Edition, signed to Greentrax Records.

Throughout all that, I have managed to notch up countless hours of session double bass playing, live and in studio, with lots of independent Scottish acts.

I have done radio too, live sessions and interviews, national and regional BBC and also lots of private radios worldwide...very little TV.

When I have the chance, I even do some musical education and workshops of bilingual songs and music.

And so here we are. Just now, as always, I am working at my next project. Please join the mailing list, so I can keep you informed.

Grazie e ciao. Roberto

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