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Listen to my session on BBC Wales   Podcast

Great fun was had with presenter Frank Hennessy at the special BBC Wales show for the end of the Rugby 6 nations tournament 2016. My rugby knowledge is pretty poor, yet a bit of banter and a song are my department so thankfully lots of lovely people were in the audience and Frank himself is a great sport and legend. Here's a recording of my contribution to the programme, courtesy of the BBC.
  1. Roberto at BBC Wales 2016

BBC Wales 

Very delighted indeed to be invited by the legendary Frank Hennessy to fly to Wales to record a special show from the BBC Club in Cardiff. Tickets fr this one are free on a first come first serve basis, booking by enquiring with BBC Radio Wales. It's a special show to mark the end of the 6 Nations tournament and I will musically represent Italy and Scotland! Hopefully they're not gonna ask me too much about rugby... The whole caboodle will then go out on the Beeb, so you can either catch it live or on the iPlayer, more details when I know. Love. R.

So that's the album done, oh goody! 

Well, two sessions later, the album's done and dusted. It's all me doing my nonsense at the fantabidosi TPot Studios with Rob Evans behind the desko... and then it went to the legend that is Martin Stephenson for production. Martin played jazzy guitar on "Step outside the clock" like a boss and a fabulous African guitar on Rachele, both so understated and subtle and beautiful that it just humbles me to the bones, I'm very grateful. And then in comes Kieran Fitzpatrick at Sauce who loves the project and offers to do some cool art for it, so it's all gonna be looking beautiful too. And then I have the magnifico David Owen Blackley, who filmed the whole studio session, so the album is gonna have a song-by-song documentary too, so you can "watch" the album on the Tube thing or Vimeo or whatever tickles your fancy. All in all, excitement is what's happening at the mo'....and love as per of course....

2016! Buon Anno!! 

Amici, this year I'm putting out a solo album. It's a bit of an event really, because I've been around for years, and apart from my published efforts as part of Kilmarnock Edition and with the Tickety2, and also not counting a few very "limited edition" DIY Cds sold at gigs, there is none of my solo work available to buy or for posterity. You friends have been going totally ape about this, so I buckled to the pressure and from 2016 onwards, I will start to put this right! This year I will record everything live at the magical TPot studio with the wonderful Robyn Wynn Evans, then have the honour to be the subject of the production genius of sir Martin Stephenson, and then "hey presto", we'll have an album. Not a long album, 'cause I believe most albums overstate their welcome in terms of attention span. Material I have plenty of, but I respect the fact that you all have lives to get back to, so I feel an album of 8 songs is the perfect size to spread some joy (hopefully), without becoming the annoying guest who just doesn't know when it's time to leave...
Anyway, I am very excited and will keep you up to date with the developments. Meanwhile, I've posted a couple of rough mixes of my first session for you to peruse.... Pre-production stuff, just as recorded...good fun though. Lots o' love.

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